Confusing yet illuminating; this work by Pau Ardid is somehow making more sense of the world by deliberately obscuring our reading of it. Ardid has carefully selected single pages from daily newspapers, placed them over his bedroom window and photographed them. The key is the editing and selection process - the straightforward captioning hands everything over to the viewer for interpretation and a game of free association:

A space shuttle launches over a mass prayer session; a political demonstration clashes with an airbus demonstration; holocaust memoirs & soldiers retreating; a camcorder with built in projector printed over Robert Capa's suitcase archive.

I am interested in how such a low-economy / light hearted gesture can communicate quite grand ideas about our perception of the world. Or at least our perception as seen through the window of press imagery. The use of his own bedroom window, his personal viewpoint on the world, is no accident. What the artist sees is a society of transparency and absurdity.

Text by Chris Littlewood for Archipelago