The names of Rembrandt, Velazquez, Da Vinci and Renoir are printed atop each apartment block of the louvre building facing Av. São Luís, in central São Paulo. The rear apartments of the mixed-use condominium are only identified by numbers, yet the blueprints of the building (designed by Artacho Jurado in the 60’s and transformed into the museu do louvre pau-brazyl in 2016 by Guilherme Giufrida and Jéssica Varrichio) indicate they were named after the brazilian painter Pedro Américo, a figure that has no tangible presence in the building. Where is, therefore, Pedro Américo? This is what the second edition of the museu do louvre pau-brazyl explored, with the performance “Desdito” by artist Lays Myrrah (18.11.17) followed by this book designed by Elisa Von Randow and Julia Masagao, which includes essays by Andrej Slivnik, Henrique Mendonça, Kleber Amancio, Lilia K. Moritz Schwarcz, Lúcia Klück Stumpf and Rômulo Fróes.